July 24, 2024

Illegal gun use ramble in Kagadi, Rugashari is the lately affected

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Joint security operatives in Kibaale greater have launched investigations into hunting the origin and the whereabouts of the gun used by robbers to terrorize people in the area.   

Greater Kibaale consists of Kagadi, Kibaale and Kakumiro districts. 

The statement was made by the Kagadi district Police commander (DPC) ASP Akello Judith Joan before the district council sitting at Kagadi community hall, Kagadi town council, Kagadi district.

She said last month Police registered more than three dangerous attacks carried out by unknown thugs using the same gun.

Akello said thugs took off with huge sums of money and items from business people.

The attacks which were carried out in parts of Kagadi town, Pachwa, Bugwara, Kakindo, Mpasana and Kakumiro targeted Boda Boda riders, centenary bank Agents, fuel, petrol stations and schools with the latest attack being that of Rugashari Town Council where the thugs took off with shillings 4 million from Kakuru electronics shop and the nearby fuel station.

The thugs are said to have fired 4 bullets in space to disperse the crowds that were coming from the market to pave way for their theft mission.

Johnson Kakuru the owner of the Electronics shop that was lobbed of 3.5 million and 6 smart phones, said that the when he tried to resist he was put on a gun point and he (Kakuru) decided to give up for his life.    

After they sieged Kakuru electronics shop, they continued to the nearby fuel station and asked the pump attendant to surrender the bag she had but when she tried to run away she was manhandled and lobbed off shillings four hundred ten thousand.

However, no death was registered during the attacks.

She said thugs use Curfew time to rob the community members hence calling for respect of curfew time.

The Officer in charge of operations ASP Aimai Simon Peter called for vigilance and cooperation among the public if they are to eliminate criminals in the three districts.  

Kagadi district in 2020 registered 435 theft cases, 37 vehicle theft and 113 cases related to cattle theft but this was attributed to the lock down that was caused by the spread of COVID 19 pandemic.

However, what remains a mystery is whether the suspects will be apprehended since they are traversing while in police uniform.


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