July 24, 2024

Hundreds of thousands in fear of being evicted

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Residents in Bugangaizi East commonly known as Mpokya settlers are living in fear of being evicted from their land because of lack of land titles.

Hundreds of people who were evicted from Mpokya forest in Kabarore district and part of Kamwenge in 1992 were resettled by the government in the current Bugangaizi East and parts of Bugangaizi West under the Kisiita settlement scheme.

During the resettlement, each family was given 12 acres of land. After 29 years, the settlers have never been given land titles to confirm ownership.

The youths whose parents benefited from the government resettlement program are now in fear of losing the land since the government has never given them land titles to protect their ownership.

Ezera Twinomujuni one of the first people to be settled under the Kisiita scheme said that there are people who want to evict him from his land. The matter is before Masindi high court.

Our request today is to ask government that brought us here led by President Museveni to give us land titles so that we can know that we are the real owners of this land. We want to settle without children and do development because some of us have decided to not to work because we live in fear always”. Ezera said

Under the new umbrella association known as Mpokya young initiatives in Bugangaizi, the residents want the government to give them land titles to safe guard their permanency.

Matthias Mwesigwa says that as oil and gas pipeline activities draw nearer, there are some people who are coming out to claim their land.

Geoffrey Agaba the Chairperson of Mpokya young initiatives in Bugangaizi said it is this government that can solve this problem. He wants all concerned people to join this cause.


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