How to become a successful goat farmer this year

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Goats at the farm

Commercial goat farming business is not a new idea. People have been raising goats for profit for a long time. Among the traditional agribusiness ideas, goat farming is comparatively more profitable than other types agribusiness.

That’s the main reason of huge popularity of goat farming business throughout the world. Goats are suitable for commercial milk, meat and mohair production. Goat meat is very tasty, healthy, nutritious, and easily digestible and has a huge demand and value in the local and international market. More than 60 per cent of the red meat that is consumed throughout the world is goat meat.

Goat milk also has huge global demand and value. Goat milk is enriched with essential nutrients and has less lactose count. Some goat breeders also raise goats for fibre production.
Goats’ fibre is known as mohair, which is very valuable and has high value in the international market. Nowadays more and more people are trying to establish a sustainable business.

And commercial goat farming business can be a perfect one. There are numerous new and established goat farms available around the world. Most of them are raising goats for profit. Although all business ideas are not suitable or perfect for all areas. Seeds of Gold are not forcing you, we are just telling the possibilities of making profits from this business as the year begins.
Always consider your local facilities, before starting any new or traditional business. Goat farming is not an exception.  Before starting goat farming for profit, always consider your local facilities and think everything related to this business wisely. If you intend to start raising goats for profit, read more about this business and the steps discussed below.

Start small
It’s advisable to start with at least 25 females (does) and a male (buck), this will help you to build pens gradually for expansion if you want to go into commercial system. There’s a lot to learn about goat farming, so start small and improve your goat farming over time.

This is crossing of the female goat with the male goat whose product is an offspring called a kid. The doe can give birth to one, two or three in a single birth. Female goats (doe) can get pregnant between 7-10 months old. This equally depends on the method of feeding while the buck reaches puberty between four and eight months old, the buck should be well fed for optimal performance. One male goat can bred about 25 goats, it’s always advisable for a buck to be a year old before using it to breed a doe.

Gestation period
This refers to period of pregnancy in a female goats. It normally takes 145 to 155 days which is about four to five months period. Depending on the breed, it is usually advisable to breed a doe once in a year for health benefits. In the worst case scenario a kid should go for about Shs80,000. Do your research in your local market it could be lesser.

Let’s do the maths; some will give birth to 1, 2 or 3. For this analysis let’s stick with one. 1 x 25 = 25 goats these are now the offspring, with combination of both male and female you now have a total of 25+25 goats= 50 goats in your farm by the first year.  

Alright, say from the initial 24 females you were lucky to have 18 extra females from the offspring 24+18= 42, remember you still have 8 male goats from the analysis? If these 42 got bred and still give birth to one each that’s extra 42 goats. It then stands that 42+42= 82 goats + 8 initial bucks, you will now have a total of 90 goats. Say you want to sell 70 out of the farm. A mature goat will go for nothing less than Shs200,000 at worst scenario.

70 x Shs200,000 = Shs14m. That’s what you will receive from the market. Remember some does would have given birth to 2 or 3 each which we did not include in our calculations, let’s say in this space of time out of 70 we have 20 extra from multiple birth.

20 x Shs200,0000= Shs4m, extra. Now Shs14m + Shs4m= Shs18m. Just within the first two to three years while you still have about 20 adult goats in your farm, isn’t that a good business? You can keep growing the farm till you won’t be able to calculate your money anymore. You may choose not to sell and keep recycling the process.

Feeding for goats is not that expensive as they feed on herbs and domestic leftovers. You can make forages for their feeding in dry season while you complement with other dry food materials obtained from cereals, maize etc. Goats should be well fed with calcium and a relative salt.
The major source of nutrients is the hay. Do not make sudden changes in food, this could lead to digestive problems.

Housing is an important aspect of goat farming business. Security should be considered against theft, thus should be adequately fenced off. The floor should be neat at all times. Goats are neat animals and as such do not cherish a damp floor.
Fight against insects and rodents. Employ the services of a veterinary doctor its necessary for administering vaccination from time to time to maintain a healthy goat farm. Common ailments in goat farm are: Tuberculosis, Salmonella infection, Tapeworm, Rinderpest, Nitrate poisoning etc. Be on the lookout for their symptoms for timely prevention of death.

It’s good to ascertain the health status of breeds being introduced to the goat farm either locally or internationally.

Selling your goat is very easy in your local market, make your inquiry for the current price within the period. Customers will as well come buying in your goat farm. Do not allow them entrance into your farm for so many reasons.


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