July 24, 2024

Hoima Sugar Company evictees still live in Destitute

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About 500 households who were evicted by Hoima Sugar Limited in 2013 are still helpless and have nowhere to go.

Hoima Sugar Limited evicted about 6000 indigenous communities of Bakiga , Banyoro, and some Alur communities from 1,300 acres in Kijayo, Buhaguzi County in Kikube district to pave way for the sugar plantation.

Up to now, none of the victims has been compensated. Apparently, most of them are living in poor and vulnerable conditions after they were forcefully evicted and driven into three internally displaced people’s camps located in Kijayo, Kikuube district.

The affected persons filed a lawsuit at the High Court in Masindi against Hoima Sugar Limited seeking compensation for their properties, loss of lives and the violation of their basic fundamental human and economic rights. These individuals were seeking compensation and payment for malicious damages to properties and lives during the eviction.

Harriet Kemirembe, the camp chairperson says many families no longer have land to grow food after evictions which started in 2012. She says the government has not been of help adding that many children have dropped out of school because they have to trek long distances to study.

Flavia Kaahwa, a teenage girl says many female youth are facing sexual and reproductive health challenges including lack of sanitary towels and sexual assault.

Rev. Francis Ntejerize, the program coordinator NAVODA wants the government to intervene and help the affected persons.


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