July 20, 2024

Hoima Man Successfully tests His Missile, Runs 50miles


Anatoli with his Missile

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Despite numerous security warning, Mr. Anatoli Kiiza a resident of Hoima district on Wednesday night (22:45hrs) launched his local made missile in Ntoroko district at Nkwanzi island on Lake Albert.

According to his computer signals, Mr. Kiiza explains that his missile managed to run 50miles though he expected 150miles.

He also explains the main cause was the outer cover part which wasn’t strong enough to enable it run the expected distance.

“Though I lost some of my machines in water due to fear of Congolese militia men who sealed me off thinking am a rebel, am happy because it managed to run. I hope once the government supports me, I will do better than this,” He noted.

Mr. Kiiza adds that it has taken him three years to innovate the missile at a cost of Ugx 13M.

This is his first time to launch the missile after being arrested seven times for the same move.

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