Hoima City Environment and Natural resources officer arrested on orders of Bunyoro Affairs Minister

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The State Minister for Bunyoro Affairs Jennifer Namuyangu has ordered the arrest of the Hoima City Environment and Natural Resources officer Ronald Kyamanywa for allegedly messing up several government projects and mismanagement of the Taxpayer’s Money.

Kyamanywa was arrested Tuesday during a community Barraza held at Kitara senior secondary school in Hoima West City Division.

At the baraza that was graced by several leaders and locals, Kyamanywa was tasked to account for the funds given to his department to plant 1000 trees in various parts of the city in a beautification campaign.

However, Kyamanywa could not even reveal how much money he received or even how the funds were spent as well as identify places where the trees were planted.

This angered the minister who immediately asked police to arrest him.

The community members expressed concern over the poor service delivery in the roads and health sectors in the City and asked the minister to intervene.

Minister Namuyangu said a probe is to be made to other departments in the City including the health, works and engineering department saying all the departmental heads in here failed to provide proper accountability to the funds they have been receiving from government.

Namuynagu said many technocrats make accountability for monies on paper when there is even no accountability on ground.


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