July 20, 2024

Hailstorm destroys acres of food crops in Rukungiri District

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Heavy rains incorporated with hailstorm have destroyed acres of crops in Bugangari Sub County, Rukungiri district leaving farmers counting losses.

The Thursday morning rains that started at around 3:00am never spared banana plantations, beans, cassava and potatoes gardens respectively.

The most affected villages are Katabushera, omukareere, Nyamiyaga, Kazindiro, Nyakariro and Ruhiira village all in Bugangari Sub County.

Farmers told our reporter that they have suffered huge losses and are worried about their next mode of survival since most of them were using these gardens to service loans.

Pius Monday, a farmer from Nyamiyaga A village told the press that his banana plantations was grounded which is slated to to cut short his efforts to educate his children and looking after his family.

Demiano Banyenzaki another victim says he is worried on how he will service the UGX 3 Million loans since his main source of income was brought down by rainstorm.

Rukaranga Jimmy, a model farmer in Ruhiira village, explains that his banana plantation was the main source of survival for the family thus calling upon the Government to intervene before the situation worsens.

The area Parish chairperson Mr. Peter Katusiime also wants the government to urgently intervene to help over 200 households that have been affected by this disaster.

The Bugangari Sub county district councilor Mr. Alfred Kato wants the government to declare this a disaster and immediately come in to offer food relief to the affected villages.

Mr Kato now encourages farmers to practice agro forestation to stem similar calamities in future.


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