July 24, 2024

Former Buyaga West MP aspirant gets death threats

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The former Member of Parliament candidate for Buyaga West constituency, Ismael Levi Arinitwe and his family members are said to be living in fear after unidentified people dropped anonymous letters in his compound and work place   demanding him to stop reporting about alleged illegal recruitment of civil servants   and corruption tendencies in Kagadi district.

Since the creation of Kagadi district, the district service commission has been involved in the reported illegal recruitment of workers, where the IGG ordered for the interdiction and   cancelation of appointments for some civil servants.

It is reported that, Ismael Levi Arinitwe who is also chairman Board Rwakojo associates and court Bailiffs has  been one of the whistleblowers to the IGG.

The letter, which our reporter has seen, is warning Ismael Levi Arinitwe to stop making people suffer problems related to unemployment by causing their dismissal from civil service through writing to The Inspectorate of Government.

Unidentified writer is threatening to kill Levi Arinitwe by shooting if he does not take heed to the advice contained in the letter.

Speaking to our reporter today afternoon at his office in Kagadi town, Arinitwe admitted writing to IGG over corruption tendencies in Kagadi; saying over 140 civil servants lost their jobs.

Arinitwe   however, hastened to say he will not retreat till Kagadi district service commission is free of corruption.

Arinitwe revealed that due to fear for his life, he has reported the matter to Kagadi central police station for investigation.

The acting Kagadi district police commander Kenneth Bakashaba confirmed the incident but did not give details as investigations into the matter continue.


2 thoughts on “Former Buyaga West MP aspirant gets death threats

  1. Guys should not rt hreatten to kill if you know you are not doing your responsibility as required by law. If you should know what corruption is doing to most of Ugandan ñn of one would still be interested in taking corruption. Ismael no one should divert you from the truth. Those threats are intended to divert you northing they are capable of doing ndugu.

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