February 23, 2024

FDC Endorses late Cecil Ogwal‘s Daughter as Party Flag Bearer for Dokolo By –Election


Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal, the daughter of the late Cecil Atim Ogwal

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The Forum for Democratic Party leadership, Najjanakumbi, has anonymously endorsed Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal, the daughter of the late Cecil Atim Ogwal, as the official flag bearer for the Dokolo woman MP by-election, whose seat fell vacant after the demise of Ogwal last month after she succumbed to Cancer.

The FDC party leadership held a closed-door meeting with the family members of the late Ogwal at the party headquarters at Najjanakumbi on February 5, 2024, and agreed that she would take up the mother’s mantle of representing the party after the party promised her unwavering support in the by-elections.

According to John Kikonyongo, the party spokesperson, the party leadership decided to unanimously support Alwoc, and the party will support her financially and in any other way necessary in order to win back the seat.

“She is going to carry the party flag; all the family needed was assurance from the party that she will be supported financially and in any other way necessary, and we also wanted to orient her on how local politics is conducted since she has been abroad for a long time,” said Kikonyongo.

Kikonyongo also revealed that the ruling NRM and UPC had approached her and requested that she run on their tickets, but she chose to run on her mother’s ticket and keep her legacy.

“Since Miss Awolc has decided to consult and make decisions based on our guidance, she is keeping the mother’s legacy and has not been forced to act otherwise,” he added.

According to Awolc, she is still having discussions with FDC and will communicate her position on the matter very soon.


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