February 29, 2024

Faith of Unity Vs Catholics: Fight for dead body rages on the two facts


The residents who spent the night after the burial arrangements hit a dead end

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Confusion has erupted in Kamuyange village Kyakabadiima Sub-County Kagadi district as the Catholic Church and the faith of unity disagreed on who should preside over the burial of late Atugonza Tuhaise.

Late Atugonza Tuhaise was a wife to Daudi Mugisa residents of Kamuyange village in Kyakabadiima Sub-County.

Atugonza Tuhaise succumbed to over bleeding after delivering from the hands of a traditional birth attendant.

Eric Nsenga, the Kamuyange Lc1 chairman said that Daudi Mugisa and his late wife were Catholics but the father to David is a faith of unity believer at the level of Omukwenda.

He narrated that last evening (Wednesday), the Catholics were invited to hold a requiem service at the deceased’s home, but in a turn of events, the father said to be an influential member of the faith of unity, suspended the catholic church from leading the burial mass and only allowed the faith of unity to lead the sendoff of the deceased daughter-in-law.

Omuhereza Kwitegese, the mother to the deceased, said that her daughter was born a faith of unity believer but later converted to the catholic faith.

Omuhereza Kwitegese, the mother to the deceased

However, Daudi Mugisa, the husband to the deceased denounced his family being catholic believers, confirming their beliefs to the faith of unity.

Daudi Mugisa, the husband to the deceased who denounced the Catholic Faith

Meanwhile, following the confusion, the Kagadi Resident District Commissioner Lillian Ruteraho intervened and guided that the faith of unity presides over the burial of late Atugonza Tuhaise because her husband confirmed that his family members are of the faith of unity believers.

She however cautioned expectant mothers against delivering at the hands of the traditional birth attendants, advising them to always go to the health facilities during delivery time to reduce maternal deaths.

Meanwhile, Rev. Fr. Anthony Bingi the Parish Priest for Mugarike Catholic Parish said Daudi’s family and the deceased were staunch Catholics, also asking Christians to remain firm in their religions in all situations.

The 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda as amended provides for freedom of association and worship.

The Bible which is the most acceptable book for Christians mentions the presence of many gods and one Almighty God the Creator – the only to be worshiped as written in Exodus: 20:1-2.

This becomes the second scuffle of the kind.

In 2019, the Faith of Unity and Nyamirama COU in Mpeefu fought for the body of late Mzee Tinka 90 years of Kobushera Trading Centre Mpeefu Sub County Kagadi district and dug two tombs but in the end, the Church of Uganda presided over the burial.

It was said that the deceased (Tinka) was a protestant but the relatives were from the faith of unity who do not allow the use of the bible during burial.

Both of the sects dug the tomb expecting to bury late Tinka but later the Protestants won the struggle and buried the deceased.

However, the faith of unity wanted to exhume the body and take it to the tomb they had dug but the Kagadi district security team led by the same Resident District Commissioner intervened to end the clashes.


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