March 3, 2024

Excitement as Residents Receive protected water source

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Residents of Ngara parish in Kyanaisoke Sub-County Kagadi district who have been drawing water from the unprotected sources are overjoyed with the construction of a water spring in their area with the support of the Area MP Eric Musana Acaali.

Ngara community Water spring will serve the entire parish and neighboring areas that have suffered for a long time without safe water.

The entire village lacked a water source forcing residents to share dirty water sources with animals, putting their lives at risk.

The residents also walked for more than 3 kilometers in search for clean and safe water sources.

This prompted the residents to mobilize themselves and contributed 10,000shillings each household before were supported by the Buyaga East MP Eric Musana and the Kyanaisoke Sub-county local government to establish a community water source to increase accessibility to safe water in the area.

Prosper Baruku, a senior resident in Ngara village expressed excitement about the construction of a water source, saying this is a big relief to the locals who have been trekking long distances in search of clean water.

Residents also applauded Musana for supporting them to get a protected water source.

The Ngara parish female councilor Omuhereza Mbabazi said that the alternative water sources were dirty, others dilapidated posing a health risk to the residents.

The Kyanaisoke Sub-County LC3 chairman Mugisa Yuda Tadeo cautioned residents on proper use of the water source also applauding Eric Musana for the support.


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