March 2, 2024

Emergency Response Fund Launched For Quick Disbursement of Humanitarian Relief in Western Uganda


Magadalen Nandawula, the Humanitarian program manager Oxfam Uganda

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Oxfam Uganda in partnership with World Voices Uganda and other 48 Non-Governmental organizations have launched the Emergency Response Fund project worth USD 35,000 to be disbursed by the end of 2022 in response and disaster management actions in the western region of Uganda.

The Emergency Response Fund will be managed by the consortium of local actors from Western Uganda Humanitarian Platform (WUHP) with support from local governments.

Crespo Mubbalya, the chairperson Western Uganda Humanitarian Platform that is managing the fund says that this fund is meant to bring the assistance closer and faster to the people on the ground, especially during emergencies.

Crespo was addressing the consortium of organizations and Oxfam officials during the launch of the Emergency Response Fund in Kagadi Town council, Kagadi district under the theme “advancing locally led response through the Emergence Response Funding mechanism”.

Magadalen Nandawula, the Humanitarian program manager Oxfam Uganda, tasked the Western Uganda Humanitarian Platform to remain smart in their disbursement of the funds and resources and promised that Oxfam is committed to continue supporting in availing emergency support to the disaster hit communities.

However, members of Western Uganda Humanitarian Platform expressed challenges that have been limiting them from securing rapid response assistance to the communities and among the challenges expressed are segregation against women in leadership, lack of trust by donor countries among others.

SP Moses Muzima Kiconco, the Kagadi district Police Commander says that engaging police and security in the rapid response assistance projects is vital because police and security are always at the forefront of every disaster or calamity that hits a community.

Kagadi district leaders applauded Oxfam for the emergency response fund and pledged total support to the government.

Edward Bisangabasaija, the Principal Senior Assistant Secretary Kagadi district says that Kagadi has been hit by hailstorm on several occasions and the affected people have not been able to receive relief support.

Leaders further say that these efforts back up government efforts in disaster management.

Accessibility of the Emergency Response Fund will be taking a maximum of 72 hours and this will not take procedures like it has been before being decentralized according to regions.

Western Uganda Humanitarian Platform (WUHP) will be hosted by World Voices Uganda and it will cover all districts in the western region from Kisoro to Kiryandongo.

Western Uganda has faced a number of calamities and disasters that need rapid responses like the Nyamwamba floods in Kasese district, refugee influx from the DRC, Lake Albert floods, human-wildlife conflicts, heavy rains and hailstorms among others.


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