July 24, 2024

Embrace income generating activities, Kagadi, Kibaale leaders ask Voters


Godfrey Muwonge Kasanga, Chairman LC5 Kibaale

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People in Bunyoro have been asked to struggle hard and create income generating activities at home levels as one of the ways to fight poverty.

The call was made by the Buyaga East constituency Member of Parliament Eric Musana and Godfrey Muwonge Kasanga the Kibaale district LCV chairperson while in an exclusive interview with our reporter.

Musana said people should now change their mindsets towards the money economy not to just sit down and relax.

However, the legislator condemned the habit of Parish development Model implementers asking for bribes from the beneficiaries since it is sabotaging government efforts of elevating people from Poverty.

Meanwhile the Kibaale district chairman Godfrey Muwonge said embracing government programs, will help people generate income at household level adding that people should try to set up projects that will help them earn daily, weekly, monthly and annually if they are to come out of poverty.


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