July 20, 2024

Don’t Dare Take Bribes To Vaccinate Non Front Line Workers Against COVID 19 — Mbarara RCC Warns

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Mbarara District Health Officer Dr. Peter Ssebutinde has warned COVID 19 victims not to take AstraZeneca vaccine until 6 months from their time of recovery.

Ssebutinde made the remarks as the district started the vaccination for 2000 medical workers in both Mbarara city and district local government.

He further warned health workers against abandoning Standard Operating Procedures noting that being vaccinated shall not stop them from contracting the deadly coronavirus.

Ssebutinde explained that the vaccine only helps people to reduce the degree of adverse pain that comes with the infection.

He cautioned the public to avoid the rumors and myth about AstraZeneca vaccine but ensure voluntary participation in the vaccination exercise.

James Mwesigye, Mbarara Resident City Commissioner warned health workers not to dare take bribes from non-frontline workers in exchange for the COVID19 vaccine.

Dr. Celestine Barigye, the director Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital said it is not yet confirmed how the COVID 19 survivors respond to the vaccine.

Barigye said that the drug will be given out in two phases and the second jab is given after eight months.


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