February 29, 2024

Diana Nabatanzi vending B2C tickets to Freedom City

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No one has made more noise about the B2C concert that their friend and BBS Presenters Diana Nabatanzi. Since they announced their concert, the Presenter has made it daily on her to do list to shout about their concert at any opportunity presented including her show.

In their last week to event however, the Presenter is now vending ticket booklets door to door, person to person. Nabatanzi’s interest however is just more than wishing a friend well but rather has a financial gain as well. It has over time been rumored she is dating one of the boys and it is surely in her interest if the boy makes money and maybe then she can win a get away to Fort Portal mountains.

Diana Nabatanzi has been bombarding her WhatsApp statuses with tickets and forcing whoever views to buy.

Source: https://bigeye.ug/


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