July 24, 2024

Details of the 16 billion Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom budget

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Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom last week passed a sh16 billion budget for the 2021/22 Financial Year to facilitate the Kingdom activities. 

The budget was presented to Kingdom parliament (orukurato) by the Kingdom’s finance minister, Owek. Robert Owagonza.

The Kingdom will spend sh15.87b of the surplus budget. 

The kingdom’s investment ministry took the lion’s share (sh3,073,700b) followed by the Office of the Prime Minister with sh2b; the finance and planning ministry got sh1.66b, social services ministry, sh1.182bn, Palace affairs, 1.79b, Attorney General Chambers was allocated sh1.439b and Orukurato received sh1.181b. 

The natural resources ministry was allocated sh940m, gender ministry, sh411m, culture ministry, sh342m, production ministry was allocated sh307m. 

The Ministry of Tourism was allocated sh913m, Restitution and Reparation received sh217m while the Oil and Gas sector was allocated sh127m. 

This year’s budget main focus will be put on investment.

 Accordingly, the theme for this year’s budget was ‘Investing for Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom’s self-reliance and prosperity’. 

The theme was chosen in line with the Kingdom’s strategic plan. 

Owagonza said the Kingdom will run a surplus budget which reflects the institution’s improved financial health. 

Owagonza also revealed that the Kingdom was going to establish a radio and television station to offer services to her people. 

He assured the Orukurato and the people of Bunyoro that they were committed to doing everything humanly possible to create value for the money of the Kingdom. 

The Kingdom also shared the sources of its revenue which included Certificates with a projected amount of sh78m, Portraits, sh27m, Bunyoro map, sh12m, Designed T-shirts, caps and shirts, sh70m, key holders, sh5m, bangles, sh1m, Lease fees, sh385m, temporary land hire, sh20m. 

Other sources include the sale of magazines and adverts, sh22.5m, rental income, sh174m, Empango celebration contributions, sh205m, Tourism, sh4.5m, fixed deposits, sh1.608b and land fees, sh2.7b respectively. 


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