March 3, 2024

Couple Opens Up On How Mentally Ill Son Hacked His Mother With A Machete, And The Path To Forgiveness

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Sheba and Adolfas have been married for over 37 years; the couple lived a simple normal life until 2018 when an event happened that changed the course of their lives forever.

Sheba was asleep in their house when, in what she describes as an accident, their first-born son attacked her with a machete three times.

“He hit me on the neck three times and I collapsed, my daughter found me unconscious and rushed me to the hospital with a severe injury. They diagnosed me with arthritis before and since then my life has changed completely, I cannot do anything for myself, my family does everything for me,” she narrates.

Adolfas Simba, a father of four, recalls finding a crowd of villagers in his compound. In the house, his wife’s blood was scattered everywhere and their son stood outside the house with a bloody machete in hand.

The villagers wanted to attack the boy but Adolfas pleaded with them because of his son’s sickness.

“The villagers wanted to kill my son, but they did not know that he was battling psychosis. Till date I cannot explain what drove him to attack his mother but I have never blamed him,” he said.

Psychosis is described as a disconnection from realit,y, where people experience things that aren’t real. Psychosis is a general term that describes a collection of symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.

This disconnection from reality can happen for several reasons, including many different mental and physical conditions, but it’s usually treatable with medication and other techniques.

Theirs was a happy family; Adolfas worked with Posta Kenya before he was retrenched. He stared supplying cereals to schools while his wife supplied vegetables to make end meets.

“Since the attack, we sold all of our properties to clear the subsequent hospital bills. To make things worse, my wife became partially paralysed due to doctor’s negligence,” he said.

After visiting different hospitals in search of a solution for his ailing wife, they were advised to see a neurosurgeon.

“The neurosurgeon had to operate and place a metal on her neck, the bill was about Ksh.3.7 million upon discharge, they asked for our title deed as we looked for the money to clear the bill.” he said.

After the surgery, they did not go back home in Kisii; instead, they rented a one room near the hospital in Eldoret. The 60-day grace period given by the hospital elapsed and they had to sell their piece of land.

“We went back to Kisii with nothing. We were referred to another hospital in Kisii and rented a house, my extended family could not host us because of family disputes,” Adolfas adds.

The family forgave the son for the attack and took him to the Mathari mental hospital where he underwent treatment before later being discharged.

“I have two sick people in my house; my wife and son, and I cannot choose one over the other. I intentionally take care of them because I do not want him to attack anyone else during his psychosis,” he went on.

“For seven years now, I wake up very early in the, morning, clean my wife, feed her, and massage her because I cannot afford proper physiotherapy.  She is the mother of my children and I am with her for better or worse, no matter how hard it gets.”

Speaking on Citizen’s TV ‘Shajara’ show on Friday morning, the couple appealed for medical and financial assistance from well-wishers.


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