July 24, 2024

Conjoined Twins need help of 30 Million for separation at Mulago national Referral Hospital

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A couple is stuck with conjoined twins who were delivered last evening at Kagadi hospital Kagadi district.

The duo has been identified as Yusuf Kisembo and Scovia Bakwatampora residents of Kibanga village, Nyamiti ward Muhorro town council Kagadi district.

Bakwatampora the mother said that she has been attending antenatal services normally but when she went for a CT scan midwives told her womb was holding twins and that one had big head a condition known as hydrocephalus but they did not discover that twins were joined.

Bakwatampora said it was on Saturday evening when she came for labour however she failed normal delivery and ended up in a caesarian section to have the conjoined twins detached from the womb.

Noeline Mbabazi an enrolled midwife at Kagadi Hospital and also one in charge of Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) a section where premature babies are kept for further management says the mother was operated and twins were found joined at the stomach with one child missing the lower parts of the body and arms while the other was normal.

Mbabazi says the couple has been referred to Mulago National referral Hospital for surgical separation so that the one complete child can be saved.

However, the couple has cried out to the public for financial assistance as the condition requires a lot of money to be separated.

Inside sources indicate that many babies have been lost during the period of incubation because of lack of stable electricity and power supply since the hospital doesn’t have any active solar panel.

We have lost many babies in this NICU because sometimes when power goes off, they lack warmth and end up dying. We do not have any functional solar panel to back up electricity when it goes off. We ask all well wishers to help us with solar panels so that babies do not continue dying”. One staff who spoke to our reporter on conditions of anonymity narrated.

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