February 27, 2024

CID rescues kidnapped girl who was being forced into marriage

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Police’s Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) on 10th August 2022, rescued a girl who had been kidnapped and was going to be forced into marriage.

This follows a video that went viral on social media of a 15 year old girl being carried into a car forcefully by various men. Different people reacted to the video calling it an act of violating human rights.

The incident happened on Saturday in Kyotera district in the areas of Mukabuta-Kibaati. CID boss Dr. Tom Magambo immediately ordered a probe into the popular practice and ordered immediate action.

According to the CID boss, Naome, the kidnapped girl was rescued yesterday, 10th 2022, evening by CID officers.

Okukyiriza is a common practice in the Western region, where a girl is dragged away into marriage against her will.

Minister Frank Tumwebaze wrote on his twitter handle saying that Okukyiriza is an act of kidnap that all leaders should fight against.

“All leaders in society must fight this repugnant & criminal practice of under-age forced marriages. Stop selling our girls. Okukyiriza is kidnap,” part of the tweet read.  

Naome is a senior two student of Kabaale SS who lost her dad years ago, leaving her uncle to take over the household and also married her mother.

The Aunt and the mother were both involved in the act of marrying her off to a man only identified as Edward. Luckily, by the time officers came to her rescue, she had not been sexually harassed because the aunt was still around negotiating with her to accept the marriage proposal.

The aunt, only identified as Merab is on the run with colleagues Karegyeya, Katukwire, Rutatundama and William. The victim’s mother is in police custody as investigations are ongoing.

Authorities say that everyone involved in the act will be arrested since they have all been identified.


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