March 3, 2024

Cement reaches shs40,000 a bag as building materials prices shoot up

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The price of cement has hit shs40,000 a bag  just as the prices of all building materials continue to shoot up.

The prices of building materials, especially cement at the start of last month begun rising due to unexplained reasons.

On Saturday, the Nile Post sampled a number of hardware shops in Kampala, Wakiso and the greater central region of Uganda where it was found out that cement prices have skyrocketed from shs28000 previously to shs40,000 which is almost 40%.

“We don’t expect it to go down now.  The prices will continue going up,” one of the dealers said.

However, when asked about the reason behind the sudden rise in prices, the dealers were not clear on the same.

In one incident, Paul Mukasa who has site in Maya said that whereas  he had paid over shs1.2 million to the hardware and was to get over 40 bags of cement, on returning where he paid another shs300,000, he was surprised to be told he could get only 35 bags from the shs1.5 million he had .

Whereas others tagged it to the rise in fuel prices, others claimed some of the cement factories had halted the manufacture of cement due to break down of some of the machines.

A message last week that claimed to be from one of the cement dealers in the country said Tororo Cement factory had closed business to do some repairs, leading to shortage and subsequent rise in cement prices.

“Hello family, hope this finds you well. Tororo factory has closed for five days now.  A bag of cement is between 36000 and 45000. It may take some weeks till when they reopen. There is scarcity leading to high prices. Kindly be informed and plan accordingly for those doing construction. Thanks and a blessed week,” the message that made rounds last week said.

However, when contacted for a comment, one of the officials from Tororo Cement who did want to be quoted dismissed the same.

“It is not true. We have not closed business,” the official who preferred anonymity told this reporter.

However, many attribute the rising cost to destabilization of the market because of the Russia-Ukraine war which in turn has led to the scarcity of raw materials.

Already other items have since gone high, including reinforcement bars which previously sold at 62,000 but will going forward cost Shs80,000.

Other sources attribute the rising costs of building materials to the increasing price of fuel which is up to 5280.

However, no official explanation has been given by any of the cement companies in the country whose product prices have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.

It also remains to be seen when the prices will go down.



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