February 28, 2024

Bwera Residents Harness CD Drives to Revitalize Road Infrastructure

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In a creative community-driven effort, residents of Bwera village in Butoole parish, Kyangwali Sub County, Kikuube District, have taken matters into their own hands to address the deteriorating state of their road network.

Faced with escalating transport costs attributed to the poor roads, locals have initiated a unique solution by utilizing CD drives as a means to fund and facilitate road improvements.

Residents have reported a significant increase in transportation fares due to the challenging road conditions, prompting them to explore alternative methods for development.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, the local council one chairperson, Godwin Munanura, expressed frustration with the government’s delayed intervention.

Munanura Godwin highlighted the pressing need for road rehabilitation, emphasizing the impact on the community’s daily life.

He said in the absence of timely government assistance, residents have organized themselves into community development drives, utilizing CD drives as a fundraising mechanism to finance road improvement projects.


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