July 24, 2024

Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Bishop challenges Christians to work

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The Bishop of the Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Rt. Rev. Samuel Kahuma has challenged Christians to work hard and with will.

Samuel said that work binds together the family, church, the country and the community and that once work is done with one heart the results are always good.

Rt. Rev. Samuel Kahuma Bishop of BKD blessing the congregation at St. Luke’s COU Kagadi on Sunday

Bishop Samuel made the call during the pastoral visit to Canaan COU in Katikengeye Archdeaconry where he confirmed 85 Christians into the Anglican faith.

Bishop said that even God is a working God and therefore working is worth respecting and that the earth is existing due to work.

He ended by asking all Christians to obey and serve the Lord since it is the principal duty for all Christians.

Edward Twesigye the head of all priests in the Katikengeye Archdeaconry thanked the God for hosting the Bishop and also confirming 85 Christians into the Anglican Faith and also applauded all who gave in their support towards the construction of the two houses.

Barnabas Tinkasimire the Member of Parliament for Buyaga West applauded Church leaders for maintaining the people of God in line and also keeping their souls alive.

MP Barnabas says that he will not support the idea of the NRM that voting be by lining up saying that it will create enmity amongst the church.

Rt. Rev. Samuel Kahuma laid and blessed two foundation stones of two buildings that are meant to house the Parish priest and the lay reader.

The function was held at Canaan COU in Katikengye Archdeaconry Bunyoro Kitara Diocese.


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