March 3, 2024

Bukedi Residents vow to fight anyone against Minister Musenero


Protestors display placards. Photo by David Omoding.

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A section of Bukedi residents has vowed to engage in a bitter defence fight over the continued mistreatment meted against Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Dr Monica Musenero.

Yesterday, Police fired several teargas and live bullets in order to disperse the crowds of youth who had staged a peaceful demonstration to protest the conduct of some MPs.

‘’We are okay with the ongoing probe towards our daughter, but we are vehemently against the manner in which some MPs are shamelessly attacking and insulting a well-decorated minister and a researcher who is not a politician’’.

“Lakwena and Karimojong came and shed blood here in the early 80s and now if that wants to repeat itself let it be, we are ready’’ one of the irate protesters told Nile post.

Jackson Maganda, who led the youth marching through Budaka Town Council streets said they have got no problem with President Museveni for appointing Musenero as a cabinet minister but individuals with selfish interests who are trying to undermine his constitutional prerogative.

He said the demonstration wasn’t against the probe investigations but the attacks, humiliation and threatening of the minister.

The protesters said they were disgusted by the actions of Hon Naboth Namara who attacked Musenero outside parliament chambers and embarrassed her.

On Wednesday parliament directed the Inspector General of Government to probe Dr Musenero over the misappropriation of billions of shillings meant for the development of a local covid 19 vaccine.

Mr Emma Arinitwe another protester castigated Hon. Namara for threatening the minister vowing that on Monday they will storm parliament to show their dissatisfaction.

The protesters in twofold called upon parliament to heighten the minister’s security detail and take stern action against Namara so that he learns that there is a rule of the law in Uganda.

Another protester took a swipe and accused MPs of North Bukedi for being silent when their own is under attack adding that some of them hoped that Dr Musenero would be impeached so they get the opportunity to be selected minister.

Hon. Hebert Kinobere, Hon Dr Mutono Lodoi, Hon Ekanya and Hon Fox Odoi are the only MPs exonerated for standing with Musenero during this trying moment which they hope that the truth will come after the IGGs investigation.

Pastor Joseph Damba of Christ ambassadors church says they will organize prayer sessions for the lord to guide the minister and the investigating team to come up with the truth.


After the clashes that left some protestors nursing minor injuries, police last evening released a statement indicating that the demonstration was illegal and was masterminded by Budaka residents.

‘’The organizers had earlier written to the RDC Budaka, RPC Bukedi North informing them of an intended peaceful demonstration to be held on 23rd May 2022, the RPC guided them to follow procedures of how to carry out legal demonstration reads a statement released by the North Bukedi Police spokesperson Ms Immaculate Alaso.

She however added that to their surprise the two went ahead and mobilized local people who demonstrated while carrying pluck cards marching from Budaka to the office of the RDC.

She said efforts to have peaceful engagements with the organizers to follow proper procedures were futile and prompted police to disperse the crowd using teargas.



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