February 29, 2024

Blood Brothers Fight over Parliamentary Seat, Court to Hear Case on 20th Sept.2021

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Mbarara high court will start hearing an election petition filed by Hatwib Katooto the former Katerera MP against his brother MP Muhammed Katooto.

Hatwib Katooto run to court after his brother defeated him in the 14 January 2021 election. The former accuses his brother of forging academic documents.

Speaking after a court session last month, Hatwib told journalists that someone cannot study for one week and acquire a UACE certificate.

It was also observed that Hatwib has hired the most prominent lawyer Medard Segoona to enable him win the case.

Muhammed Katooto recently told journalists that Tuzza hotel Bushenyi that he is confident that he will defeat his brother since he has his rightly acquired papers.

In an interview last year at Tuzza hotel during the campaigns for NRM CEC when Kadaga was campaigned against Parsis Namuganzi, Hatwib told the media that he would go to court in case he lost the seat to his brother.

It is a shock to journalists that Hatwib Katooto is in court against the brother who defeated him though he had sworn he would not go to court in case he lost.

Katerera is a new county curved out of Bunyaruguru in 2010 and Hatwib Katooto has been its MP since its inception.

It is dominated by migrants Bakiga, Bafumbira, Bakonjo and the two battling brothers are Bakiga.

The two brothers are fighting for the seat because they are from different mothers therefore competition for co-wives manifests itself amongst children.

MP Muhammed Katooto before he furthered his education in 2006 sponsored his brother Katooto In then Bunyaruguru county to defeat the then MP Kabondo Gaudioza but failed.


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