July 24, 2024

Bizarre! Dead body resurrects in Kasese a day after burial

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Residents of Kyowa village, Bwera Sub County in Kasese District has been thrown into shock by a matter of oddity in which a premature resurrected from the grave after being buried.

Mourners and relatives were slapped with the rare occurrence which has overhauled the joy of counting the last days of the Covid-19 lockdown.

It is said that the mother to the premature got a miscarriage, family members performed a formal burial for the deceased and everything went on well until the next day when they found the same body of the buried baby lying lifeless on the same mattress it was put before burial.

This caused a lot of anxiety to the villagers forcing them to call the police and religious leaders for intervention.

In a thread of voice and video recording making rounds, the mother to the deceased is captured emplaning the tragic incident indicating that the baby which has resurfaced is the same the family buried on Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m not out of my senses but what is going is really hard to believe, I have scrutinized the baby lying inside the house and it’s the exact one we buried yesterday. I’m also shocked how this has happened.” The mother to the deceased narrates.

By press time police in Bwera had arrived at the scene to kick start the investigations. The body of the deceased, mother and immediate relatives had been asked to record a statement.

The family was also organizing to dig the grave a fresh and find out if the baby they buried is still inside the coffin.


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