July 20, 2024

Bebe Cool rejects Bobi’s candidature as head of Musicians in Uganda because of poor English


Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool (COURTESY PHOTO).

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Self-Proclaimed Big Size Bebe Cool, officially known as Moses Ssali has dismissed other aspirants in the race for President of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) claiming that they do not know English.

Bebe Cool insisted that the different aspirants including Manisul Ssemanda alias King Saha do not have credentials to oversee that office. He instead endorsed former Blu 3 artiste Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy as one with extreme qualifications to fit the role of UMA president.

When asked why he thinks Cindy is a better candidate than all the others, Bebe Cool said “For starters, we need a president who can speak English,”.

“Cindy has done an incredible job with her team. Finally, UMA is now recognised by all the important stakeholders in the country.  Musicians must give her the mandate to accomplish the job she started. She is my candidate. She has all the credentials,” Bebe said.

“Being president involves constant lobbying, interacting with the different stakeholders that include government. We need a president who can speak English for starters. I only see Cindy as the right candidate,” he added.

Bebe Cool, who ironically sang that when one cannot handle a hot kitchen with too much smoke, they should exit and leave those that can handle it also expressed that it is most likely any of the people that will be voted in the office except Cindy will quickly abandon it.

“I have also witnessed different UMA presidents abandon ship before their terms of office expire because of challenges within the arts industry. But Cindy is resilient, having stayed with us even during the challenging COVID-10 times, “ Bebe said.

Expectedly, Bebe Cool who himself has had trouble with expressions in different highly billed interviews was not going to side with a candidate earlier endorsed by rival singer Bobi Wine.

Previously, Bobi Wine and his singing partner Nubian Lee endorsed King Saha for President of the UMA.



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