July 20, 2024

Accident Victim Stranded At Masindi Hospital after Failing to Raise 22.5m Ugx for Hip Replacement

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A 36 year old man is stranded at Masindi general hospital for three months after failing to raise money for a hip replacement.

Simon Baguma the hospital administrator Masindi General Hospital explains that Mr. Joseph Aluma needs a total hip replacement which cannot be done at Masindi General Hospital.

“Since he needs specialized orthopedic surgeons, we referred him to Mulago hospital but he couldn’t make it since he had spent everything he had,” Baguma noted.

Joseph Aluma the victim narrates that he got an accident in January 2014 in South Sudan after he was knocked by a vehicle while on bodaboda, and he has failed to raise Shs. 22.5 million for hip replacement after   spending the little he had.

“All the two legs got a dislocation, got a fracture at the back, and the head got injured. I have spent three months at the facility nursing the wound but all in vain,” He explained in much pain.

Aluma who was a local chicken seller in Juba says that after the accident happened, he spent six months at Mulago National hospital, and that after this period, he was told that his hip got a serious damage, and required Shs 22.5M for replacement.

“I couldn’t raise this money since I had sold everything for the six months I spent at Mulaga. I decided to come back home, but when I was at home I developed a big wound at my hip which compelled me to come to Masindi hospital for treatment,” Aluma added.

“The doctors from here told me that they don’t have capacity to replace the hip. I was told that it’s only Mulago which can handle it. As I am talking even my wife left me,” Aluma noted.

He called upon humanitarian organizations, and good hearted people to help him through 0787740422/0750141123 so that he gets treatment and lives a normal life like before.

“Currently I am only helped by good Samaritans to survive and they are the ones who are supporting me in the hospital. I can’t raise the required money,” Aluma added.


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