March 2, 2024

96% of Ugandans Unaware of Malaria Infections

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During a yesterday’s (Thursday)  health interview with our reporter, Dr. Julius Birungi, Director of Kagadi Community Health Center and a physician at Kagadi General Hospital, disclosed a startling revelation of 96% of Ugandans are unknowingly living with malaria.

Dr. Birungi emphasized that many individuals harbor the malaria parasite without exhibiting any symptoms, contributing significantly to its rampant transmission through female mosquitoes.

He underscored the urgency of timely treatment, cautioning that malaria can claim lives within a mere 72 hours if left untreated.

Dr. Birungi emphasized that Malaria poses a greater threat to Ugandans than diseases like AIDS, diabetes, pneumonia, and diarrhea.

He also warned against the dangers of self-medication, noting that untreated malaria can lead to severe complications, including mental health issues.

Dr. Birungi urged Ugandans to refrain from self-medication and instead seek medical assistance promptly.

He stressed the importance of preventive measures such as sleeping under mosquito nets, completing prescribed treatment courses, and maintaining proper sanitation to curb the spread of malaria.

As Uganda grapples with this silent epidemic, Dr. Birungi’s call for awareness and proactive measures echoes the critical need for concerted efforts to combat malaria and safeguard public health.

In 2022, WHO reported that there were an estimated of 12,7 million malaria cases and over 17,556 estimated deaths in the country.


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