March 3, 2024

90% students fail the LDC bar course

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On 2nd June 2021, LDC administration released results of performance of the 2019-2020 academic year Bar course. However, the performance was generally poor in the two Campuses that even delayed the release of results.

It’s reported that, a two days administration meeting was called to discuss the wayforward for such a poor performance and find a way of helping some and increase on the pass rate.

A source revealed to us that some administrators preferred revival of a compensation policy to help students meet the minimum passmark, however, the majority members opposed this move and their decision was considered thus the delay of results.

According to the results that were released on 2nd June, out of 1474, only 145 students passed the bar course and are to graduate on 11th June, 1329 failed including 150 who were discontinued. Those who failed are asked to apply for resit the papers they failed.

Among the poorest done papers were Cooperate law, and legal practice skills 2.

The results made majority students complain and blame their failure on the center.
“Why didn’t LDC consider the situation we have been studying in?”, an angry student asked continuing that online classes during lockdown coudn’ t give them the required study outcome.

Students also blame the center for breaking one of the rules of passing the bar course which ask any person/students who is not satisfied with the results to appeal within 14 days before graduation, however, graduation is slated for 11th June yet results were released on 2nd June.


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