July 24, 2024

22.8 Billion Kagadi water project in jumble

22.8 Billion Kagadi water project in jumble
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In December 2018, Ministry of Water and Environment established the Water and Sanitation Development Facility – Central (WSDF-C) launched a project for enhanced provision of water supply and sanitation facilities to small towns in Uganda and Kagadi was among the beneficiaries of this project.

The Government of Uganda secured loan financing from the African Development Bank for the Water Supply and Sanitation Program Phase II (WSSP II) and committed part of the funds towards the implementation of Kagadi Piped Water Supply System.

Sherif Sabry head of the Samcrete Engineers and Contractors an Egyptian based company contracted to undertake the construction of Kagadi Piped Water Supply System said that the company had built reputation that they need to defend and asked for support from the government in order to execute their work well.

Eng. Peter Nyakana senior Engineer from the Ministry of Water and Environment said that the government was to construct this piped water for 22.8 billion that was acquired from World Bank in period of 12 months for construction and 12 months for inspection and supervision.

Stephen Byaruhanga Nfashingabo chairperson LCV Kagadi said that Kagadi water project had been a long term project and that it was a pledge by the NRM government in the 2011 presidential campaigns.

Musana Eric Acaali MP Buyaga East who was part of the team that launched the water project asked the contractors to consider the issue of local content since the locals can either provide skilled and unskilled labor during this project.

Residents of Kagadi expressed gratitude to the government of NRM and president Museveni for fulfilling his pledges during the 2011 presidential campaigns.

The piped water system would cover towns of Kagadi, Muhorro, Kyenzige town councils and Ruteete town board and 130 villages in and around the Town councils.

What went wrong then?

By September 2019, the construction of this water project was had reached an estimate of 50% completion though its coverage had reduced and now some parts had been eliminated and were not to benefit contrary to the previous survey made by the same company siting issues of gravity flow.

The areas that were omitted were Ruteete Town council, Kyenzige and Muhorro.

Eng. Richard Matwah the assistant Commissioner Ministry of Water and Environment assured residents that they would benefit from the project and thanked the contractor for the reasonable speed used during the construction of this water system.

Kagadi residents expected to have the water by the end of 2019 but no progress from the report that was reported in 2019 when the project was standing at 50%.

Residents have been asking themselves and their immediate leaders why the long awaited project failed thus attributing it to fake political promises by President Museveni.

As part of follow up, Buyaga East legislator Eric Musana Acaali petitioned parliament on why the project was moving very slowly yet the Government hads injected over Shs 22.8 billion into this project.

Musana told parliament that the project was behind schedule, for a year and his Musana) concern was Why the Government very slow when it comes to rendering services to our people.

Musana further said that the minister had accepted that there were several challenges within the project and therefore, prayed that the minister interests herself in coming to Kagadi so that she can understand what is on ground.

The trenches that have been dug in those areas we are reading about in Kyenzige, Ruteete, Kagadi, Mambugu and other areas are not fully filled up, and people are now complaining. The pipes too are not filled up, so we now have those challenges” Musana added.

In response, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga the speaker of Parliament thanked Musana for raising the issue to the floor of parliament and asked him to interest himself into the matter.

What remains unclear is when will the process resume so that the tax payers get water and who is palying who in this matter?

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